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Changing to name to PTSI will reduce the stigma associated with “disorder” and save lives.

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On June 9, 2023, a formal request to the American Psychiatric Association (APA) was submitted by Dr. Lipov for consideration to the next update of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). The DSM is a critical document that is used by mental health professionals, worldwide. A change to the DSM in favor of an “injury” model will be a significant step towards removing the stigma associated with the current label of “disorder.”

As a movement for change, we need to be ready for what’s next. Requests for changes to the DSM that are determined to have sufficient supporting evidence, will be posted for public comment by the APA. Dr. Lipov and Erase PTSD Now would like alert folks when this happens, so that we may communicate the wishes of our movement for change, in a coordinated manner. By subscribing to this list, you will be updated on the milestones of our progress and alerted when we need to collectively take action.

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